BVG Identified as “Best Source for Video Games Online" In Sacramento

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( — March 22 2013) Sacramento, CA — BVG Has Recently Been Officially Identified As the “Best Source for Video Game” in Sacramento, CA

The outcome of a current web-based opinion poll in which respondents were asked to name “Best Source for Video Games Online” yielded what some undoubtedly assert was an extremely predictable final result, Online retailer, BVG was picked much more than any other recognized name in Sacramento.

The poll and ultimately, the designation of “Best Source for Video Games” was launched quickly after an intense discussion blossomed about just who exactly in Sacramento would genuinely be able to lay claim to that title. In an effort to maintain the competition impartial to all locals, the ballot was created online and the winner was decided upon by industry experts themselves.

Right after launching the ballot, there was a strong competition for the title of “Best Source for Video Games”, but after the results were counted, there was a clear and undisputed recipient of the desired title. Subsequently after the ballot closed, BVG was revealed as the accepted “Best Source for Video Games” for Sacramento, CA.

Local residents surveyed about the poll appeared to have split reactions to BVG’s claiming of the disputed title, varying from absolute disbelief that one person could be so prominent, to complete agreement over the selection residents had decided upon.

BVG was most likely identified as “Best Source for Video Games” by friends in large part due to the work that has been put together for local area gaming communities. As a well-known Online Retailer that focuses on Video Games, accessories and consoles, claiming the formal title was not surprising to a good sized portion of those people who took part.

After the final results were in, BVG was cited as declaring “To be truthful, we did not even know that there was a poll being carried out at all. We are humbled and impressed that many folks know my who we are”!

BVG was also mentioned explaining “We work hard on my ventures, and we are truly fired up about what we have taking place in 2013. Hearing that people here in Sacramento have actually identified us as “Best Source for Video Games” is not only an honor, it is usually a privilege. Thanks to all who took part in the vote”.

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