Roofing Professional's Guide to Social Media Marketing

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Roofers Marketing has published a guide to help roofers learn about Social Media marketing. Every Professional Roofers marketing campaign needs to include the use Social Media. Roofers Marketing Guide helps to learn more about the basics.

3 Social Marketing Tips for Roofers
Marketing expert Jimmy Morrow states, “Social media is the hottest new way to advertise for your business.  But distinguishing between what works and what doesn’t can not only be extremely frustrating but also very time consuming.  Plus what works for some roofing contractors may not work for others!  Well the first thing to understand is that establishing an effective social marketing campaign is a lot more complex than just creating profiles and hoping your clients see them.  That is why we have created this list of social marketing tips for professional roofers.”

1. Attract Your Potential Customers
In order to communicate with your potential clients you will have to have a content strategy.  This means you will have to make posts concerning things that your clients are interested in, and also participating in the forums where they are members.  Depending of your average client, this could mean spending more time on Facebook, or perhaps LinkedIn. Wherever your clients visit, you will need to visit as well.

This Roofers Marketing Guide is a good start to learning more.

2. Branding Your Profiles
There are lots of websites that allow you to set up a blog for nothing or a few dollars a year.  You can even create a YouTube channel to get your name out there.  You will not only need to get your profile in front of your potential clients, but you will also need to set yourself apart from the competition by establishing trust and credibility.  In order to accomplish you should try to:

  • Dominate one or two social networking platforms.  Don’t try to stretch yourself too thin by being active on too many sites.  Instead, focus your attention on one or two. Then, once you get a good understanding and following of clients, you can then branch out to others.
  • Be consistent.  Social marketing doesn’t take off overnight.  One well crafted update is not going to send tons of customers your way.  Your clients want to hire someone who consistently proves trustworthy and experienced.  In their eyes this means you will be around for a while and that you are an expert in your field.  They may not need a roofer today, but at some point either they or their family or friends will, and then they will come to you.

3. How To Keep Them Coming Back
Installing a roof or having extensive repairs done can be very expensive.  Anytime you are selling something with such a high price tag, your customers will be comparing prices and information from one website to another.  This means they will not only be looking at your website, but also your competitors’ websites.  So how do you keep them coming back?  Well this is where your “subscribe” and “like” buttons come into play.  Getting people to follow and subscribe to your blogs will allow you to continue to communicate with them.  This way you can build a relationship of trust and eventually convert them into customers.  Just keep posting valuable information. Remember you are always just one click away from being dropped. As long as you continually provide valuable information they will regularly read your posts and updates.

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