Enthusiastic Bloggers Say Blogging For Money Is Not Dead!

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(Newswire.Net — March 25, 2013) Minneapolis,MN — Bloggers come in all shapes and sizes. There are teenager bloggers getting their first legs expressing themselves. There are bloggers with the cause who are generally fueled by a combination of passion and goodwill. Then there are the blogger entrepreneurs who blog to make  money.

Blogging was the in thing 4-5 years ago when many bloggers claimed to be making a decent living blogging. Then in early 2011 came Panda followed by Penquin in 2012. These cleverly named ogres released by Google wrecked havoc with the ranking of many websites, including blogs. The mood amongst bloggers after Penguin and Panda was dark. You spend months, sometimes years building a site and building its ranking, only to see it fall into an abyss.

Now there seems to be a resurgence of interest in blogging.  Interviewees at an internet conference sponsored by the Empower Network are claiming that there is still good money to be made by blogging.  Two of these videos accompany this news release.  Let’s hear what some of the attendees had to say.

Peter Sorenson from Las Vegas said “I don’t have a lot of online marketing experience.  I followed the ways of our Empower Network and plugged into the system—just taking massive action.  And now I’m making a six figure income with this opportunity.

Stephanie Richie who is also from Las Vegas said “I realized that people are in fact making money.  It’s very simple to do and anybody can do it.”

Another attendee was Derick Harris from Orlando, FL.  Derick said that the extent of his knowledge of the internet was being able to send an email.  After joining the Empower Network and taking the trainings he says “I’m on my way to having an automated business and I never thought in a million years I could do something like that.”

Everyone interviewed had lots of enthusiasm for blogging.  Some said they were already making significant money.  The others felt confident they would be soon with the training they were receiving.  They all spoke of needing to take action in order to reach their goals.

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