Driving and Texting Will Kill You- Still Cannot Wait To Die?

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(Newswire.net—March 27, 2013)  Glendale, AZ–  Safe driving habits are the most important thing that can be instilled on our population of drivers, young and old.  It is at the adolescent ages that these habits are ingrained into their lives, hopefully forever.  As studies have been made about traffic accidents and fatalities from driving, seat belt wearing ranks number one.   But then the use of cell phones and texting while driving is right behind it in accidents and reasons for fatalities. 


Law enforcement in many states has levied stiff penalties and fines for texting and cell phone usage while driving.  There are still states like Florida that still allow such usage and their auto accident rates show that fact. 


Many local neighborhoods and communities are trying to ban together and put up billboards and reminders to “buckle up” and not “texting” while driving.   Perhaps, there will be other technological advances that will force cell phones to be inaccessible in a car while the vehicle is moving unless there is an imminent danger.  An apparatus that  holds the phone but will only release it if an emergency erupts that will enable a police officer to evaluate the extent of the situation if and when the phone is accessed. 


Driving schools certainly are playing an ever larger role in reinforcing safe driving practices and rules to incorporate in the driver’s repertoire each and every time they get behind the wheel.  Texting is an insidious habit that forces a number of things to occur for the driver.  Firstly, the eyes must look away from the road and other cars for whatever fraction of time is required.  Secondly, the limited mobility of using one hand to text while the steering wheel is only operated with one other hand, is less efficient.

Thirdly, the mental processes of texting and trying to find the keyboard letters and numbers in order to communicate is challenging enough without driving, but added responsibility of a vehicle operation, only compounds the issue. 


With headsets and ear pieces whereby the driver can speak without holding anything is a means to address the physical problem but can still be a distraction.  As statistics and empirical evidence will show, any new introductions to the mix which will help ameliorate the problem of fatal crashes and  even fender benders, will be analyzed carefully.


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