DBS Tampa Branches out into Wood Flooring

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(Newswire.net—March 27, 2013) Tampa, FL—When it comes to home decorative areas like window treatments and flooring, there are a lot of similarities in the materials and approach to selling and installing these products.  Discount specialists offer price advantages to name brand items because they limit their overhead and square footage of showrooms unlike the large chains.  They drop ship the name brands from major manufacturers all over the country. 

Such custom discounters actually have a greater advantage than the major chains as a result of their flexibility and custom salesmanship when customers need specialty items or more attention.  They can also answer their individual and specific questions regarding sizing, materials, and installation.  These custom installers and distribution companies also are a lot more flexible with their installation times and ability to tailor jobs to individual needs. 

The custom wood flooring market, like the plantation shutters and window treatments, give homes a rich and deep feel to the interior much like a custom home would have, without the exorbitant expense that a fully custom designed home would have. 

Fitted flooring and tongue and groove patterns offer an expensive touch that can also be textured and coated with various finishes that can glow or be dulled, depending upon the desired feel by the homeowner. 

The maintenance and cleaning factors are also easier with a wooden floor for dirt and dust.  Carpets hold and bind bacteria and dirt and are more difficult to get out.  With pets a wooden floor is certainly preferable for a more sanitary environment. 

In Tampa, it seems that there are greater demands for wooden floors and plantation shutters for the climate and brighter decorated homes.  With warmer temperatures, the wooden floors pose more of a comfortable foundation than carpet or even laminate materials. 

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