Vacation club, Window 2 Travel, Offering Limited-time Rewards Vacation Program for New Members and a Referral Program for Existi

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( — March 25th, 2013) Goodyear, AZ — With the cost of travel predicted to continue to rise, most people are looking for unique and alternative ways to travel more often at a reduced price. Window 2 Travel, a global vacation club, is promoting a limited-time rewards program for new members and existing customers, as well as implementing a temporary referral program. Until April 30th, the vacation club will apply the normal membership registration fee of $200 towards any Rewards Vacation. 

As a way to incentivize travelers who are looking for a vacation club, Window 2 Travel is allowing additional monthly dollar amounts to be applied throughout the year towards an additional vacation reward. In addition, current members who refer a friend or family member will receive a $25 gift card.

Window 2 Travel user, Anita Nowocin, was quoted as saying, “This club is better than owning a timeshare as I can quit at any time. I have been on 5 trips and all of them were better than I expected! I can’t believe I can go on these luxury trips at such a low cost!”

The primary reason this vacation club is able to obtain such affordable pricing is a result of the purchasing power provided by the volume of members that utilize the service.

All citizens in the U.S. may apply for the vacation club’s special. There are also 21 countries outside the U.S. that are also eligible. Events that vacation club members may expect to be a part of include visiting countries such as China, Peru, Italy, and other international areas outside of the United States. Prospective members may also note that Window 2 Travel provides concierge service with every trip, regardless of location. 

Additional benefits to Window 2 Travel vacation club members include online shopping malls, dining, and entertainment discounts. The amounts of vacations are not limited and further discount prices are available through bulk purchases. 

Window 2 Travel’s vacation club rewards program expires April 30th. More registration information, as well as contact info, can be found on Window 2 Travel’s website.  

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