Orthodontics: The Procedure of Applying Braces

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(Newswire.net—March 28, 2013) Kissimmee, FL—Orthodontists try hard to articulate the brace applying process and many prospective brace wearers are always curious.  Here we will discuss the procedures that are pretty common to applying new braces to the patient. 

Bonding Procedure

There is a “cheek extractor” that pulls the patient’s cheeks back and hold them back to allow the orthodontist to easily access the teeth.  This also helps to keep saliva out.  As we will discuss, moisture makes the bonding procedure difficult as it does not enable the bonding process to adequately take place.  There is glue applied to the teeth which helps to roughen the surface.  This glue solution must penetrate the surface of the teeth and it is this that allows the braces to stick. 

After twenty to thirty seconds, the glue solution must be washed away.  Once the teeth are dried, there is a conditioner that is applied.  This conditioner helps the glue stay on the teeth. Now the braces are applied one by one on each tooth.  Since each brace already has glue on it, the orthodontist must remove any excess glue.  Each brace must be inspected to be in perfect position.  Then, there is a special light that is needed which hardens the glue in place.  (Glue is light sensitive and moisture sensitive as well.)  If moisture were to enter onto the glue, this would cause the braces not to stick well to the teeth. 

Following the application of the conditioner, the teeth are air dried and all must be reviewed for full drying process.   Again, the braces are applied one by one. While this is being done, there is a tube that remains in the mouth to suck and remove any excess saliva.  Safety goggles are also worn throughout the entire procedure to ensure safety and protection of the patient’s eyes. 

The braces must again be inspected to be in perfect position.  They are lightly dried on the surface and a special light is used to once again harden the glue.  Once all the braces are in place it is time to install the wires.


The wires are attached to the back teeth first and secured.  Then the patient’s choice of color is used for the front teeth that are more visible.  All colors are available while amongst the most popular are: blue, green, gold, silver, black, and yellow.  When the wire ties are applied, there is a little bit of pressure that is felt on the surface of the teeth.  The wires must be inside all of the braces.  Additionally, there are rubber ties that make sure that the wires are kept inside the braces throughout the treatment. 

This is now completed and should last a duration of between twenty and twenty-five minutes.  For additional questions and information about having braces put on, contact    Kendrick Orthodontics3280 Greenwald Way North     Kissimmee, FL 34741   (407) 870-9848  www.kendrickorthodontics.com

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