New Technology Sets Portability As The Most Important Criteria for Choosing an Electric Wheelchair

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( — March 27, 2013) Dallas, Tx – There is a poem by Badger Clark called ‘The Westerner” which encapsulates the pride an individual may feel when he manages to successfully negotiate the world on his own terms.

My fathers sleep on the sunrise plains,
And each one sleeps alone.
Their trails may dim to the grass and rains,
For I choose to make my own.
I lay proud claim to their blood and name,
But I lean on no dead kin;
My name is mine for the praise or scorn,
And the world began when I was born
And the world is mine to win

The soul of rugged “can-do” individualism so transparently interweaved in those aspiring words is nothing short of heroic, but what does one do when, while facing the battle of creating a life worth living, pure bad luck throws you a curve ball?

Lets face it, it happens to all of us, and sometimes bad luck and trouble seems to stick around for much longer than the numerical odds dictate.

For most of us however, these obstacles are no more than speeding fines and parking tickets, perhaps a serious bout of flue, a minor traffic accident or an injury that puts you out of comission for a week or two.

Sometimes however it is much more serious and even life threatening, and among the worst of these accidents of life we are occasionally broadsided with are the debilitating instances of suffering a stroke, or developing a life altering disease or condition such as MS or Parkinsons or Motor Neuron Disease.

These are the diseases that not only destroy our chances of living a normal life, but also decimate one of our most crucial functions for going about our daily business, i.e. our ability to get around.

Loss of mobility has got to be one of the greatest causes of despair and depression for those who have been hardest hit by fate.

The greatest gift one can give someone who has suffered mobility loss due to any accident or disease is a decent wheelchair. In many cases a manually propelled wheelchair is sufficient, but when the individual involved does not posess the upper body strength to get around, an electric wheelchair is the most viable option.

So how do we choose the best electric wheelchair? Well, you have to keep the goal in mind. Is the idea of a wheelchair not defined by the degree to which it gives the user his mobility and independence back?

If this is the case, then one of those heavy cumbersome electric wheelchairs for which one needs special ramps and vehicles is very yesterday.

These days there are a few unique offers on the market that not only allows the user to scoot around when he gets to his destination, but remains portable enough to be taken along and light enough for anyone to lift into vehicles as well.

If 3 wheels dont scare you and you have sufficient range of movement to deal with the steering of mobility scooters, there are some great products, but when it comes to portable power wheelchairs it seems an Australian based company has raised the bar considerably with their Portashopper light weight electric wheelchair.

Essentially this is a light weight fold up electric wheelchair that is as easy to lift and cart around as a child’s stroller. Weighing in at only 20KG with a 15KM range Li-Ion battery included, this is the ultimate travel wheel chair which meets the criteria of handing the mobility challenged their independence.

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