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( — March 31st, 2013) Coventry, UK —  Getting a great return on investment in small business Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing in Coventry –  More Business Online

According to new research by Pitney Bowes:  the majority of small businesses are using both traditional print advertising and online marketing channels to attract new customers. Mobile Marketing is also moving up the agenda. However, just 8% have a mobile-optimised website, although 49% say mobile is a part of their marketing activity. It is difficult to square these last two figures, but it shows  that most small businesses are missing out on some of the more “ready to buy” customers even though they know that they are there. 

Clearbridge Business Development conducted its own survey in Coventry and South Warwickshire and found that  less than 15% of small businesses in the area were employing most of the basic Internet Marketing methods.  Virtually 100% of those surveyed had business websites optimised for desktop PCs but fewer than 9% had sites catering for mobile devices or smart phones. The most telling part of the survey asked questions on the following basic Internet Marketing items:

  • Does the business’ website cater for the ever increasing number of mobile users?
  • Can their website be easily found on Google for the most obvious keywords?
  • Is there evidence that the business is linking their traditional marketing to the digital world with, for example, the use of QR Codes.

Google thinks this is a vitally important area for small business growth and their “Mobile Playbook” gives some excellent insight and advice.  Google says,  the question is no longer – Why should I invest in mobile?  We’ve all read statistics about the tremendous adoption of mobile and tablet devices. The question is now,  How do I invest in mobile?”

Stephen Clark of Clearbridge Business Development  says “It pains me to see so many small businesses throwing away opportunities and not using these quick easy wins. It appears most  are thinking  that any downturn in sales is due to the current economy –  the fact is there’s been a major change in how people are searching for products and services, and small businesses don’t appear to be reacting to it”

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