Green Light For European Indoor Tanning Salons

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( — April 1, 2013) Malmo, Sweden — Will Green Light Therapy Sunbeds Be Mandatory For European Indoor Tanning?

The rumour about what will be in the new regulations for commercial indoor tanning within the European Community was leaked today, April 1st, from the technical working group in Brussels.

One of the most revolutionary and interesting rules in the new European sunbed regulation is said to be a mandatory provision for tanning salons to provide a session in a sunbed with green light lamps directly after the ordinary UV-tanning session. The time spent in the green light sunbed must be as long as the session time in the UV-tanning bed.

An anonymous spokesperson for the technical working group made the following comment to The Tanning Blog:

“The melanin-reduction from green light will compensate for the melanin-production during the ordinary tanning session and thus eliminate the risks perversely associated with indoor tanning.”

Karl G Olson, the publisher of The Tanning Blog believes that this in principle makes a lot of sense. However, it will be an unpractical and unpopular rule for the patrons of European indoor tanning and also expensive for salon-owners who have to buy extra equipment.

“Luckily enough, it seems like the manufacturers of sunbeds are quick to react and come up with a solution which will allow for having both UV-tanning and green light therapy at the same time”, explains Karl G in his article in The Tanning Blog.

The same article also goes into the details of the benefits and safety aspects of melanin reduction by green light therapy and also presents some sensational results from everyday photo-rejuvenation by red and orange LED light.

Read about all the details of the leaked new indoor tanning regulation HERE



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