Auto Accident Checklist: How to React After an Accident

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( April 1, 2013) – Dallas, TX – Clearly, you are in shock during the accident. The important part of writing details to fill out an accident report is proving the other driver’s financial obligation. You do not want to forget any details in this procedure, especially proving a personal injury claim.

Never Take Off after an Automobile Accident

Stop your car, as soon as the scene is safe. Most states have traffic laws that allows people to exchange information of each person who is involve in the accident.

Driver’s Legal Duties

Read your state law Vehicle Code to follow the appropriate rules after a car accident. According to state law, data is viewed in a location that regulates criminal offenses. The law recognizes this information as a violation, when someone leaves the scene of a crime.

Look for everyone who is affected by the accident, including walkers. Besides writing down vehicle credentials, be sure to get information about driver’s insurance, phone number, and address. Also, just in case the name of the driver is different from the vehicle registration, write down that information. This documentation is important according to the auto accident attorney in Dallas.

Call 911 providing information and assistance to victims involved in the accident. Make sure to give aid to wounded pedestrians, drivers and passengers. Next, get hold of local authorities. This important step is mandatory proposed by auto accident attorney in Dallas. Those people will finish the accident report, especially if people are badly hurt or died. Leave all contact information in an indiscreet location.

Criminal Penalties

Hit and run is a term used in many states categorizing someone for leaving the scene of a crime. Normally, a basic accident is noted as a misdemeanor. Depending how serious the accident, the charges range from least serious is called a misdemeanor to the most serious this is called a high ranking violation known as a felony.

In a single car accident the driver leaves the scene. He may be charged with a Level 3 violation known as a misdemeanor. Another person decides to take flight from a fatal crash might be charge with a Level 2 criminal offense known as a felony. The type of punishments assigned to drivers depends on each state guided by auto accident attorney in Dallas.

Fleeing from the scene of an accident beware that specific punishment is set in place. Usually, a judge has tolerance in assigning punishment based on arguments specified from all parties involved in the accident. A judge may assign punishment, such as, giving back to the community and probation known as restitution. Keep in mind those punishments can be a part of a conviction advised auto accident attorney in Dallas.

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