How One Company Is Fighting Unemployment In Florida

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( — April 1, 2013) Miami, FL — 

As the American economy continues to go down a path of recession, many states like Florida are faced with unemployment claims day in and day out. But, as people file for unemployment in Florida, they are faced with a hard truth that they’ll soon need more than an unemployment check to survive in Florida.

As stated by many experts, people in America are planning for the worse. As companies downsize and lay off workers, unemployment claims are rising. Not just in Florida, but in America as a whole.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statics’ current population survey (CPS), the unemployment rate for Florida in February 2013 was 7.7%. As a recent claim by the Department of Numbers, Florida currently has 729,396 unemployed workers looking for income.

As stated by The Tampa Bay Times, “in Florida, about 23 percent of new unemployment claims were rejected as “monetarily ineligible”. Nationally, the rejection rate is half of that, closer to 10 percent. Only 23 percent of Florida’s jobless were receiving state benefits, a percentage that continues to drop as more people exhaust unemployment aid while still unable to find a job.”

As more and more unemployed workers are looking for income, families are struggling to stay afloat. Bills are piling up and debt keeps stressful tensions in households.

As revealed by The Tampa Bay Times, receiving unemployment in Florida seems to be getting harder and harder for those that really need it.

When asked why it’s become so hard to receive unemployment benefits in the state of Florida, The Tampa Bay Times exclaimed, “For one, employees have to work more hours in Florida to qualify for unemployment benefits because the state doesn’t count the most recent earnings in the application.”

But even as filing for unemployment in Florida gets harder and harder, there is one company that fights for struggling families and provides them with a way to make income.

Motor Club of America is an auto club that provides their customers with outstanding health, legal, and automobile services. The company has been established since 1926, and has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Motor Club of America provides their customers with career opportunities as well as the services they offer. The company gives people the opportunity to earn a 200% commission for everyone that they refer to the company.

Many people in Florida and all over the American states as well as Canada are using Motor Club of America’s referral program as a way to earn a part-time and even full-time income, instead of waiting on Florida’s unemployment benefits to kick in.

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