Scottsdale Accident Attorney Raises Awareness About National Brain Injury Awareness Month

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( – April 1, 2013) Scottsdale, AZ – People may not have noticed that March 2013 was declared as National Brain Injury Awareness Month and it whisked by. In those 31 days, if projections from the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) were followed, an estimated 140,000 people in the US will have sustained some form of traumatic brain injury (TBI), ranging from mild concussions to coma or even death, ranking it among the leading causes of disability and death in young Americans.

Over the last few years, Traumatic brain injury (TBI) awareness has increased largely due to the number of injured war veterans returning from the field, death among athletes and subsequently the demand for more protection from the risks of brain damage. However, the fight against brain injury is not confined to the noisy stadiums and bomb infested war grounds overseas. Almost half-a-million children under 15 years of age are involved in accidents either at home or on the road annually. Additionally, mortality rates for head injuries are high for people over 75 years of age.

A concussion, or mild TBI, may cause symptoms like headache, tinnitus, blurred vision and other temporary conditions including irritability, problems with memory, sleep and concentration issues. Even more devastating results that can lye undetected for years can’t be ignored either. That is why a person who sustains personal injuries either in a motor vehicle accident, sport incident or even military service MUST get thoroughly checked for any possible brain injury.

Preventing Brain Injury – People will benefit to observe some simple precautions to avoid TBI’s, such as wearing appropriate seatbelts, not driving intoxicated, wearing a fitted helmet and the right protective equipment where it is required whether at work or at play, even keeping firearms stored safely and securely can help reduce injuries of all kinds including head injuries. These conscientious steps also help victims claim insurance benefits in the event personal injury occurs.

Recovering From Brain Injury – People who have survived or are still struggling from brain injury, such as those who belong to patient communities like Traumatic Brain Injury Support, share tips to help each other cope with the challenges of their condition. For veterans and active military servicemen and their families, the Operation American Patriot organization helps insurance claimants in cases of personal injury through Wade & Nysather Law Offices of Scottsdale, AZ. 

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