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(—April 2, 2013) Tampa, Fl—This niche in the cleaning business has become an important and necessary function to property managers.  There is a steady flow of movement as apartment units change hands relatively frequently.  An already transient population of tenants provides this steady flow of tenancy. 

What most people do not realize is that each undertaking is the accumulation of six months to two years of dirt and hidden grime in areas that have not been addressed since the inception of the tenant’s stay.  The magnitude of each and every job is large because it is the first impression to any prospective tenant or renter that is contemplating moving in and paying rent for whatever term they are signing for. 

Every apartment or housing unit is different and requires a level of detail that is tantamount to a microscope of scrutiny.  Additionally, there are the microbes and bacterial particles that a truly professional cleaning company will address regardless of whether they are visible or not.  Much of the actual detail of cleaning work done is in fact not visible to the naked eye.  It is this invisible “stuff” that is most insidious and potentially harmful to the living tenants. 

A good property manager will establish clear cut guidelines and janitorial protocol to which the cleaning company will adhere.  Coincident with that, a good cleaning company will establish its own level of standards of efficient and thorough cleaning that a property manager will recognize.  Collectively, this process is a team effort where communication is paramount. 

In Tampa Bay, Florida, which includes the Tampa, Sarasota, and Lakeland, there is much movement afoot with new tenants and families moving into the area.  With building and new construction on the rise again, there is a whole other population of tenants that require temporary housing as they wait for their new residences to be ready.  With such a high volume of traffic in tenancy, it is no wonder that a professional cleaning company is required to keep the property manager’s job in check.  It is this function of their check list that is most important.

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