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(–April 2, 2013) Chicago, IL–The self publishing industry is booming, having seen a 475% increase in 2012. The new industry gives anyone with the courage to express themselves the means to write and release their stories to an eagerly waiting public. However, there is plenty of uncertainty and fear regarding self-publishing: fear of failure, rejection, and wasted effort.

All of these fears have stopped many would-be authors from publishing their works, but entrepreneur and self-published author Jay Boyer seems intent on ensuring that every author seize their chance at self-publishing success. Starting tomorrow, April 3rd 2013, Jay Boyer is re-releasing his revolutionary and acclaimed “Children’s Book Formula,” a simple and comprehensive system that Mr. Boyer has used to publish over half a dozen Amazon bestselling books, and that has resulted in hundreds of similar success stories. A free 90 minute lesson from the system is available at the following URL:

Using the Children’s Book Formula, Jay Boyer has published an entire series of children’s books, the “Fart Books,” under the pseudonym “J.B. O’Neil.” The second book in the series, “Ninja Farts,” has sat firmly at the top of the Amazon Cartoons bestsellers list for months, above the New York Times bestselling comic strip “Big Nate.” Every single book Mr. Boyer has written using his formula is in the top 10 best sellers list; the very first book he wrote, “The Fart Book,” was written in a single week, and was co-authored by Mr. Boyer’s 8-year-old son, Joe.

The Children’s Book Formula has worked for Mr. Boyer, and it has worked for hundreds of other Amazon authors. Kathy H. Porter, author of bestselling eBook “Love Always Wags Its Tail,” says “I invested in the Children’s Book Formula because of… Jay Boyer. Hands down, the quality of their self-publishing products is far superior to anything else I’ve purchased. Anyone from a novice to an experienced techie can use the exact, step-by-step formula that they use to self-publish in this exciting, lucrative niche.” Author Joshua Colbert claims, “I wrote my first book 5 minutes after watching the webinar. It took me two hours to complete.”

A 90 minute lecture on children’s book publishing is available free of charge from Mr. Boyer for anyone interested in learning more about this growing niche.

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