Brand New Marketing System “Big Idea Mastermind” Takes the Internet Marketing World by Storm!!

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( — April 4, 2013) A brand new Marketing system the “Big Idea Mastermind (BIM)” launched recently took the internet by storm. According to official sources, the system allows ordinary people to go from zero to over $5,000/month faster than anything else in the history of marketing!

So what exactly is Big Idea Mastermind? Big Idea Mastermind is a unique automated online marketing system. The system generated over $710,000 in 28 days for its creator in a pre-launch test conducted with a small email list. It’s creator Vick Strizheus is a successful online marketing expert for 8 years now. He recently ranks 17 on the “Top  Earners Hall Of Fame March 2013”, an independent ranking of top network/internet marketers worldwide. 

Studies show that more than 98% of all people who starts an online business haven’t made a single penny. According to Vick Strizheus, the intention is to reverse this trend and allow anyone to realistically create a $5,000 per month income within the first 30 to 60 days.

This is what Big Idea Mastermind’s creator Vick Strizheus has to say. “Our vision is simple. Big Idea Mastermind is more than just about making another buck. Our goal is to change lives, help other people succeed, reach financial freedom and live the lifestyle they dream about!”

These are what some of the people who tried the system during pre-launch have to say.

“He was the only one that seems to teach step by step for someone who is a total computer illiterate like myself… Now when I wake up in the morning, I have a purpose, I have something to do, I have things to achieve, it just changed my entire life… My idea of myself and where I can go in life has completely changed.” — Sue Kelly, Nurse

“Vick will teach you to go from where you are now to where you want to be …. He is allowing me to realise my lifestyle. That is worth more than anything! If I were you, I would just get in, take action and go all the way.” —William Busse, Pipe fitter

“It’s fun to just go through it (the course). You are learning without realising you are learning… If you do what Vick says, you will make money, anyone!” — Ralph Curtis, Engineer

“With Vick’s method, I can learn it today, apply it tonight and get results tomorrow. My first money was $600 in a day… I would never forget that, it was like my Jaws just dropped on the floor!” — KK Chan, Broadcast graphics designer

What’s the price? According to inside sources, membership will be $497/month or $5,000 annually. However, a small group of “Fast Action Takers” will be able to get in free. “This will be a small window…  the entire membership fee will be waived and nothing needs to be paid for life.”

Is this the right system for you? Visit and decide for yourself. After all “We may be in the right place and right time many times, but if we don’t take action, it doesn’t matter!”