CreateSpace Publishing: An Inside Look

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( — April 5, 2013) Chicago, IL — Self-publishing is a rapidly growing industry, but there is a misconception that the growth is limited to eBooks, while printed books are left behind. In fact, paperback editions of books listed on can sell twice as many copies as their eBook equivalents. Digital publishing, and eBook applications, are explosive trends that have not replaced the essential features of the paperback book. The well known self-publishing service CreateSpace, a property owned by, can be used by authors to print paperback books on demand, but relatively few take advantage of the option despite the opportunities.

Bestselling self-published author and entrepreneur Jay Boyer has developed and recently released a lecture series that is designed specifically to teach self-published authors how to use CreateSpace efficiently and successfully. The series, called “”Self-Publishing Secrets,” offers video, audio, and written lecture materials on a diverse range of subjects, including increasing the relative value of paperback books, securing free ISBN numbers for books, designing the book cover, and other relevant information. A full list of the lecture materials can be found here.

The self-publishing industry expanded by almost 500% over the course of 2012, and the proliferation of eBook readers and applications continues to similarly skyrocket. According to Mr. Boyer, providing both digital and paperback options for books can significantly increase an author’s ability to earn a comfortable living self-publishing. Although he says that CreateSpace is not the only option for print-on-demand (POD), its intimate connection to, the world’s largest online retailer, should make it a priority option for anyone currently self-publishing or interested in doing so in the near future.

CreateSpace is a powerful tool with an active help community, but “Self Publishing Secrets” was specifically designed to assist authors with little to know knowledge of the industry, marketing, or technology. Authors with the talent to write, but seeking to avoid the notoriously long-wined and uncertain path of traditional publishing, may find that self-publishing can give them the satisfaction and career that they have been seeking. The following naked URL can take readers to the main site for more information:

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