Free Service Launches to Help Those in Need of IRS Tax Debt Assistance

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( — April 4, 2013) Charleston, South Carolina — “We set up this free service website to arm taxpayers who may owe back taxes or have received an audit notice with the information that they would need to take care of their issues on their own or consider hiring a trusted tax professional,”company spokesman J. Isaac Baker said.

Baker said that while many tax issues can be handled rather easily and quickly over the phone or in person with the IRS, programs that are available from the IRS to help taxpayers who owe back taxes could require expertise from certified personnel who assist taxpayers who find themselves in trouble with the IRS.


“The IRS can’t solve everyone’s tax debt issues, but they do have certain programs that delinquent taxpayers might qualify for,” continued Baker. “Those are the folks we want to help find someone they can count on for help.” is a website that provides up to date resources regarding the most common IRS tax problems along with the most practical individual solutions to those problems. If the problem is just too complicated and you still need help, has relationships with CPAs, tax attorneys, enrolled agents and former IRS agents who will offer delinquent taxpayers or those who have other complicated issues a free professional tax consultation.

“We make sure that the tax relief companies we work with are legitimate tax professionals who tell their clients the truth about IRS tax debt assistance being available and whether they might be a good candidate for IRS programs,” Baker said. “Our professionals do not make promises they can’t keep and don’t try and sell services clients do not need or qualify for.”

Baker said “ was created to help taxpayers from all over the country who have IRS tax issues and simply need help. The website is permanent and will continue to be available to taxpayers after the filing deadline has passed. In addition, website has plenty of information about tax issues, the forms necessary to assist taxpayers and other pertinent information.”



At, it’s our number one goal to provide you with the most accurate information to resolve your IRS tax debt problems yourself or to connectyou directly with professional tax debt relief services for those taxpayers with serious IRS tax problems.

Date: April, 4th 2013
Contact: J. Isaac Baker, 843-991-1686 or Email: or