Agustin Gomez Officially Titled "Best Marketing Consultant" In Yakima Washington According To Experts

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( – April 4, 2013) Yakima, WA – Agustin Gomez Has Been Officially Given The Title “Best Marketing Consultant” In The Yakima Washington Area.


The result of the latest internet based private survey by which responders were asked to identify the “Best Marketing Consultant” in Yakima generated what some would likely say was an obvious end result, business man and well known online marketing consultant Agustin Gomez was picked more than any other recognizable name in Yakima.


The vote and ultimately, the designation of “Best Marketing Consultant” was set up right after an intense argument started about just who exactly in Yakima would ultimately be worthy to claim that title. In an attempt to maintain the survey fair to all local marketers, the competition was implemented online and the winner was chosen by internet marketing peers individually.

Soon after gathering the surveys, there was a challenging contest for the title of “Best Marketing Consultant”, but after the results were in, there was a distinct and indisputable recipient of the sought after title. As soon as the opinion poll closed, Agustin Gomez was presented as the official “Best Marketing Consultant” for Yakima, WA.

Folks asked about the ballot seemed to have split responses to Agustin Gomez’s making a claim of the competitive title, with a variety of responses from absolute shock that one person could be so well-known, to complete agreement over the selection locals had made.

Agustin Gomez was most likely identified as “Best Marketing Consultant” by area residents in large part due to the amazing results Agustin has helped neighborhood businesses and organizations achieve through innovative online and offline marketing strategies. As a popular online marketing consultant that concentrates on small businesses internet presence and advertising tactics, making claim of the official title was not unanticipated to a very bold claim of those who participated.

After the results were in, Mr. Gomez was mentioned as stating “To keep it real with everyone, I had no idea there was a survey going on at all. I’m actually surprised that many folks know my name”!


Gomez was also overheard explaining “I work hard for to help my clients with their company goals, and am really excited about what I have happening in 2013. Hearing that people here in Yakima have actually identified me as “Best Marketing Consultant” is an honor that encourages me to help more small businesses reach new levels of success. A big thanks goes out to everyone that took part in the vote”.


Agustin Gomez is available at the agency by telephone at 509-941-6650


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