Movie Theaters are Dinosaurs- Custom Home Theaters in Vogue

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( — April 4, 2013) Tampa, FL — The home theater may have been around for a few years now, but in years past it has been reserved for the extremely wealthy or the rich and famous that are always seeking their privacy.  The advances in custom home theater technology as with all industries has enjoyed a price drop as these systems have become more accessible to the masses that choose to watch movies in the luxury of their own homes or mini theaters that have been built for privacy and custom viewing.

Netflix and Redbox locations that allow movie access to homeowners, has a lot to do with the growth of this industry as well.  Additionally, more and more people are building custom homes and have the luxury of adding rooms and surround sound audio visual equipment to their homes.  With the movie theaters charging upwards of $10.00 per person for a ticket and twice as much for a box of popcorn and soft drinks, the economies of scale might dictate that the cost benefit analysis would prevail for the home theater.  If not dollar for dollar, the “quality of life” edge would certainly go to the home theater.

Movie theaters may never really become extinct however the case for the growth of home theaters is certainly apparent.  Major manufacturers of electronics are getting in the act of strongly promoting products that cater to this burgeoning industry.  No wonder given their product mix but in years past, the technology and components were nothing compared to what exists today.  Literally the screen size, quality of the picture and the bandwidth conveyance of sound and picture quality have leaped over where things were just yesterday.

With homeowner access to such high quality systems, the decision to drive the family out to a theater versus roll up and snuggle in the home theater with all the comforts, snacks, and flexibility of the home, is becoming a tougher decision favoring the home.

Technology today is also experiencing a boom with internet and wireless components enabling information to travel at speeds carrying so much more content and audio/video information than ever before.  The installation companies are vital to these systems and with their aesthetic importance in the home, they have become mini-architects and engineers necessitating their design skills and wiring capabilities to be employed.

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