New Self-Publishing Website Launched

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(–April 5, 2013) Chicago, Illinois–Self-publishing is like a little town on the frontier in the wild west. There are few rules, and endless possibility. Entrepreneurs Jay Boyer and John Rhodes are hoping to bring some much-needed standards and resources to self-publishing authors with a new website. Called “Author’s Paradise,” it has recently launched with the goal of assisting self-publishing authors with their writing, their marketing, and their careers: a Facebook page containing its latest content can be found here.

Author’s Paradise, described as “where good writers become great self-publishers,” is a curating blog on which new authorial and publishing-related content is freely made available five days a week. For those unaware, curation is the act of gathering, clarifying, adding to, and displaying articles and information useful to a particular niche, in this case self-publishing. Author’s Paradise curates from both mainstream news sources and the blogs from  highly successful self-publishers, to deliver high-quality content and also draw readers’ attentions to those who are generating that content.

The content on Author’s Paradise follows the latest trends and news in self-publishing while also offering useful advice such as tips for writing certain kinds of genres, copyright law as it may apply to self-publishing authors, and good practice for all writers. The blog has an archive of over 200 articles that can be freely accessed by readers at any time. The website encourages collaboration between its writers and readers.

Anyone interested in self-publishing, or that is already doing so, may benefit from examining the information contained in Author’s Paradise. This link can direct such parties to the most recent available content. The following naked URL can take readers to the Author’s Paradise main page:

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