"Where to Blog for Beginners" Has Finally been Answered for Everyone

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(Newswire.net — April 4, 2013) North Canton, OH — “Where to Blog for Beginners” has finally been answered for everyone.

For the longest time, the question “Where to Blog for Beginners” has been left up to you through searches, referrals, etc.  Thankfully, it has now been answered for us.  Dan DePasquale works with a company named Atlas Global Network that takes all the guess work out of blogging.  Here’s what he had to say when we asked him “Where to Blog for Beginners”.

“There’s a lot of choices out there, without a doubt.  However, you need to realize that most free blogging sites are horrible.  Also, when you consider the amount of time, knowledge, and work it takes to create your own blog, I’ve found the easiest and most affordable solution around.  I’m obsessed with blogging and the plug and play system that answers the question “Where to Blog for Beginners” will blow anybody away.  You can literally have a blog set up in one minute and be posting the next.”

The system that Atlas Global Network uses is incredible.  Not only is it set up for you in seconds, but there is also an SEO (search engine optimization) tool that MAKES you write a perfect blog post every time.  It measures keyword density and makes you do all the other things to help your blog post receive more traffic.  It’s mind blowing.  So, when the question of where to blog for beginners gets answered by Atlas, listen.

You can look at the question another way too.  Rather than simply taking it as what system to use, you can look at it as a location.  Where to blog for beginners?  At home, a coffee shop, outside?  Most people we’ve spoken with prefer a place free from distractions.  Sitting in a coffee shop can work, but we recommend a set of headphones with some soft music playing.  Many times, blogging from home can work just fine, as long as you’re not being pulled in too many directions by your family.  Dan DePasquale that was mentioned earlier actually prefers to blog from his boat!  Hey, not only can you be creative when blogging, but you can be creative where you blog!


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