Drama Music Productions Has The "Best Recording Studio" in Vancouver BC According to Artists Poll

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(Newswire.net — April 4, 2013) Vancouver, BC — The response from a recent online poll from which participants were asked to name “Best Recording Studio” resulted in what some would say was not an unexpected outcome when record producer and seasoned session guitarist Derek Mason was chosen more than any other recognizable name in Vancouver.

The poll and it’s category “Best Recording Studio” was created as a result of a discussion between artists and producers on the topic of who in Vancouver could be the one that could genuinely claim the title. In trying to maintain an impartial ballot to all BC area arists as well as global musicians and producers, the survey was issued online and the winner was selected by the artists themselves.

At the time the survey was initiated, a spirited discussion was underway for the distinction of “Best Recording Studio”, but after the votes were counted, it was apparent that there was a clear winner of the coveted title.

Shorty after the end of the survey, Derek Mason and Drama Music Productions was announced as the acknowledged “Best Recording Studio” for Vancouver, BC. Producers and artists qho were queried on the vote seemed to have divided their responses to Drama Music’s making a claim of the valuable title, anywhere from strong surprise that one studio might be so well known, to complete accordance with the overwhelmingly positive results for Derek Mason’s Vancouver based recording studio.

Drama Music Productions was probably noted as “Best Recording Studio” by industry insiders, mainly because of the musical works Mason has produced for local singers and songwriters, engineering and finalizing their albums and songs for worldwide release. As a recognized record producer that concentrates on rock and pop music as well as orchestral arrangements and film scores, Derek Mason as the final choice did not come as a big surprise.

When the polling was completed, Mr. Mason was quoted as saying “To be honest, I really wasn’t aware of the survey, but I’m glad a lot of people like our services.”

Derek Mason been noticed as mentioning “I’m dedicated to bringing out the best performance in my artists and capturing the recording with the highest quality imaginable, and am stoked about the artist lineup we have coming up in 2013. To learn that Vancouver artists have actually nominated me as ‘Best Recording Studio’ is more than an honor – it’s an obligation to my artist to create the best releases in the world. I send my sincere thanks to everyone who voted for me!”

Derek Mason can be reached here at his Vancouver Recording Studio.

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