Homemade Baby Food Recipes Provide Peace of Mind In Wake Of Food Scare

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(Newswire.net — April 5, 2013) Santa Fe, NM — From Europe’s horse meat fiasco to outbreaks of E. coli and non-existent regulations on organic food and what does or doesn’t go on labels, smart parents are learning how to sidestep the snafus of big industry food by embracing the enthusiastic DIY wave of go-getters that are sweeping Pinterest boards and social media sites globally. 

At the forefront of the “I’ll-Do-It-Myself” storm is parents of infants and young children who are rightfully concerned about the detrimental effects that poor nutrition can have on development and overall health.

 A new book released last week on Amazon by digital eBook publisher Little Pearl Publishing highlights the resurgent interest of parents who want to make homemade baby food right in their own kitchens.  The book, How To Make Homemade Baby Food: Recipes For Naturally Healthy Babies by Little Pearl, guides parents through the seemingly overwhelming process of making organic, natural baby food.

“Once parents read this book they realize, ‘This is something I can actually do!’” says Little Pearl Publishing’s President and Senior Editor, Julie Schoen. “As a mother of an 8-month old I know exactly how parents feel when their babies start to eat solids.  You want the best of everything for your baby, and sometimes you just don’t know what went into the making of the food you find on the shelf.”

Homemade baby food recipes provide parents with a sure-fire way of knowing exactly how their baby’s food is made and what is in it, which means that they no longer have to worry if the USDA or big name companies are doing their job – they are doing it for them.

Additionally, supporters of making baby food at home, which includes many pediatricians who back the practice with scientific research, note that the homemade version of baby food is actually much richer in nutrients than the jarred variety since it doesn’t have to be cooked at extremely high temperatures in order to give it a long shelf life.

As with any solution in life, nothing is perfect and parents do need to practice diligence when making baby food at home in order to ensure that the ingredients they are using are appropriate for their infant’s age as well as the methods of preparation and storage.

To learn more about how to have naturally healthy babies visit Amazon.com now to get the new baby food best seller.

Book Video:http://youtu.be/qVodkxh8cas

Publisher’s blog:http://littlepearlpublishing.com/homemadebabyfood/