Roofers Marketing Tips to using Twitter with Social Media Marketing.

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( — April 5, 2013) Sioux Falls, SD– Every Professional Roofers marketing campaign should include the use of Twitter. Roofers Marketing has published a guide to help roofers learn about Online and Social Media marketing. Roofers Marketing Guide helps to learn more about the basics.

3 Ways Roofers Can Benefit From Twitter

Did you know that Twitter has grown more in the past 9 months than it has in the past 5 years!  This means there is no better time to make Twitter your site of choice for social marketing.  If you are a roofing contractor looking for ways to improve your Twitter marketing campaign, then you can benefit with a few simple marketing principle’s. Marketing expert, Jimmy Morrow offered a few Twitter tips for roofing companies marketing campaigns.

Keep Your Tweets Your Own

Be sure to consistently show your personality in your tweets.  That means that every time you compose a new tweet, make sure that it has the same style and attitude that you want representing your company name.  You want people to feel as though they know you and want to read and retweet your information.  Make sure that you are simply providing value without a sales pitch.  This is a networking savvy crowd and they will smell an online marketer a mile away.  Be mindful of how you are sounding in your tweets, keep them friendly, positive, and useful.

This Roofers Marketing Guide is a good start to learning more.


Choose Your Words Wisely

Keywords are and have long time been a main ingredient in web content.  Jimmy Morrow adds, “regardless of whether you are crafting a blog, website, Facebook update or tweet, keywords are a crucial element.”  Make a list of keywords that best describe your industry.  These could be things like:

  • Metal roofing
  • Roofing contractors
  • Roofing companies
  • New Roof
  • Roof Cost
  • Roof Repair

Use these words in your 140 characters to keep your tweets optimized and relevant.

Give Your Clients What They Want

Twitter has many features and tools like Hoot Suite that enable you to spot recent conversations about relevant topics.  This allows you to see exactly what problems your potential clients are facing and gives you an excellent opportunity to help them while also opening the door to communicating.  You could provide a link to an informative article or video tutorial that answers their question.  This simple step could create turn an unknown tweeter into your life-long customer.

These are just a few ways that Twitter can boost a roofing business’ marketing strategy. To learn more about Twitter for roofers and to learn what you should say in your roofing tweets, take advantage of online resources such as


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