The Tale of Two Cities- Gianni’s NY Pizza

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(—April 5, 2013) Bradenton, Fl—Gianni’s NY Pizza in Bradenton through it’s owner Johnny Colandrea, talks about his love affair with pizza and how it became a part of him and his life growing up in three generations of his family in the restaurant/ pizza business and travelling back to Italy in his teenage years, grabbing onto a curious and passion for learning more and more about this great food.


Colandrea’s grandfather settled in Brooklyn, New York and was in the restaurant business.  His father who was born in Rome (Roma), came to New York and was a chef carrying his trade of cooking Italian cuisine and of course pizza.  When Johnny was born in New York, he was always around the pizza and all of its unique qualities of dough, sauce, and methods to create it. 


Curiosity is an amazing trait, as Jonny grew up, he was entrenched in the restaurant business and every phase from washing dishes as he grew tall enough to reach the sink, to learning at ages twelve and thirteen, how to make a pizza pie.  Perhaps travelling back to Italy for a few years at his adolescent age, he was exposed to the mother country of Italian food’s roots and saw and experienced a level of passion and authentic cooking that became a part of his being.  Returning to the United States, Johnny at age eighteen, knew that he was destined for a career and life in what he always knew and cultivated as he grew older, the pizza and Italian restaurant business. 


With so many pizza places throughout the United States in every town and city that one travels, it is difficult to decipher one from another until you have the opportunity to really taste and feel the difference.  A discussion with a true aficionado of pizza and Italian cooking will open up the vault of culinary understanding when it comes to pizza.  Johnny Colandrea brought more back from Italy as a young man.  He carried much of the tale of America’s roots that has created the “melting pot” of cultures and nations throughout the world that makes the U.S. what it is today. 


Dedication and passion for an authentic trade is what Gianni’s NY Pizza embodies.   Contact Gianni’s NY Pizza Bradenton at  4925 East State Road 64  Bradenton – FL – 34208  (941) 896-9700

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