New York SEO Firm Offers Free Online Diagnosis

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( — April 6, 2013) New York, New York — Capital Consulting Group is attracting new Clients using an innovative sales approach. They’re offering a free online diagnostic assessment to potential new Clients with a strategic marketing recommendation. Normally this is the most valuable aspect of working with a marketing partner.  

According to Phyllis Brown the Principal and Senior Online Marketing Strategist, “We know it sounds like we’re giving away the store. But it’s a shame how often we hear from potential new Clients that they’ve been burned by an SEO company in the past. We want them to get a feel for how we can work together to improve sales results, so they’ll feel confident about investing their marketing dollars with us.”  

Capital Consulting uses a four-point assessment to build a strategic approach that drives long-term online marketing tactics.

First, they evaluate the website to determine how well it performs as a branding tool for the client. Does it appeal to the prospect audience? Does it speak their language? Does the prospect audience trust and like the sound, look and feel? Plus they check under the hood to make sure the website is performing as it should from a technology perspective.  

Second, they evaluate the user experience on the website. Is it easy for the visitor to maneuver from point A to point B in a logical flow? Are the product attributes and end benefits clearly communicated? Are the product benefits meaningful from the perspective of the prospect? Does the overall experience on the site make the prospect want to take an action? Is it easy to complete an online form or find directions to the local store location?

Third, they conduct research to measure the online presence for both the company and their top competitors. Does the website rank on page 1 for the major search engines? Is their competition ranking above them and stealing away their prospects? How’s their online reputation management? What kinds of reviews have their customers posted?

Fourth, they develop keyword research to determine the most effective search terms to target for both volume of searches by qualified prospects and the level of difficulty for ranking on page 1 for the major search engines.

The end result is a comprehensive recommendation providing the potential new Client with a strategic approach for driving in new leads and/or direct sales within their stated marketing budget and ROI. 

Many businesses find great value in the diagnostic assessment and want to work with Capital Consulting Group to improve their sales and profits. According to Phyllis, “It’s always extremely satisfying to help a company rank on page 1 of Google, especially when they’ve been struggling to get some online visibility. It’s an honor when they hand over the marketing reins, so they can focus on running their day-to-day business and keeping their customers happy. It’s a vote of trust we don’t take for granted.”

About Capital Consulting Group, LLC

Capital Consulting has more than 20 years of marketing experience. They help businesses establish and maintain a strong and positive online presence. Led by seasoned online marketing strategist Phyllis Brown, it is trusted for providing comprehensive solutions designed to grow their clients’ businesses. It serves a variety of local businesses in Northern New Jersey as well as corporate clients in New York, including: Citigroup, MRM Worldwide, and Working as partners with their Clients they’ve increased website traffic by 100%, gained page 1 rankings within weeks not months, reduced cost per sale by 50%, and substantially increased customer lifetime value.

For more information, contact: Phyllis Brown, Capital Consulting Group, LLC, 473 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ, (201) 984-2663,