The Undying Thirst For Network Marketing Success

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( — April, 5, 2013) San Clemente, CA — Ever sense the explosive growth within companies such as Amway, Herbalife and Avon and other huge MLM companies the home base business dream has caught on like wild fire and shows no signs of cooling down. The obvious reason behind this movement is the constant dream being presented of…
-Fire your evil boss tomorrow
-Work part time in your pj’s from the comfort of home 
-Spending more time with family and love ones
-Travel when ever and where ever you want
So are these claims real, is it possible for the average person to have network marketing success?
Obviously the answer is yes because the home based business industry is thriving and is only showing signs of growth in the future. So what are the problems then? why does not every succeed in this industry? For the answers we must turn to people that know the business and have proven it to work, having had massive success along the way. 
What better people to ask than David Wood and David Sharpe, founders of the innovative and massively successful Empower Network. Dave and Dave both struggled for years in the traditional MLM opportunity with little to no success at all and say that the amount of work that it takes to be successful in a system like that is simply unrealistic for the typical person. Some of these thing that stumble and discourage most are…
– Building a downline of thousands to earn tiny comisssions that add up over time 
– Selling physical products with overhead and shipping fees
– Having home parties to try and recruit friends and family
– Calling leads and prospecting 
Knowing this, the Dave’s untied and combined their skills to create something completely unique and targeted it to help the average person have network marketing success. Most companies set out to just sell people on recruiting and don’t focus on actual teaching, says David Sharpe.
Empower Network is much more focused on teaching essential attraction marketing strategies that can be applied to any form of business, online or off. Many Empower Network customers do not choose to become affiliates of the company to collect 100% commissions (a key component in the company’s success) but only wish to apply their business and marketing strategies to their own business.
So what does it take to have network marketing success?
Here’s 8 absolute essential things you need to do according to David Wood and David Sharpe
  1. Get a crystal clear vision and reason why you want what you want
  2. Market daily through blog, video or in person (in person not recommended due to power of internet) 
  3. Build your email contact list daily “The business is in the list”
  4. Have a business mind set that sees the value of reinvesting a least 20% back into business
  5. Listen to “daily audio” positive business mind set audio to reprogram your subconscious mind
  6. “daily reading” authored by successful people that know more than you know
  7. Attend company events to surround yourself with people that have what you want 
  8. Commit to getting all into your business (financially, mentally, physically and spiritually)  
If you commit yourself completely to these things you will see progress in your business, there is no doubt about it. 
To sum things up, if you are a person who is teachable and is willing to follow instruction from successful people who know and have more than you do then there is absolutely no reason what so ever that
network marketing success is out of your reach.
Author: Michael Miller, online marketing expert / raw food personal chef, instructor and health coach
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