JC Bustillos launches the "Best Internet Marketing Agency" in Phoenix (Metro) Arizona

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(Newswire.net– April 5th, 2013) Phoenix, AZ.  JC Bustillos has launched the Best Internet Marketing Agency in Phoenix.

Prior to mastering internet marketing, JC spent 5 years working with both online and offline companies from the home based business arena, to the mortgage industry (before the market crash), to the Debt Relief industry. He has been perfecting his internet marketing skills over the past 2years and has been joined in this venture by one of the best programmers in the nation, Daniel Johnson.  Daniel Johnson brings over 15yrs programming experience and has worked with various local companies in providing them the online infrastructure they need to thrive.

– JC Bustillos is no stranger to internet marketing, web design, custom sales funnels, and online lead generation.  JC has a track record of incredible success in his own right.  With this success he was constantly approached by businesses in the Phoenix Metro area to assist them in not only obtaining a web presence but also to drive traffic to their respective sites as well as convert that traffic into sales. 

When asked to reflect on the experience of being sought out by an overwhelming amount of business owners JC had the following to say, “I basically started NJCC Marketing before I founded it,  Everyone was approaching me to help them turn their websites into cash cows…and I delivered so I founded the company and brought aboard my partner and technological expert Daniel Johnson”.  While the company was officially launched on February 1st, 2013 the experience of its managing partners goes back several years.

Daniel Johnson whom is the Vice President and Director of Technology, has been working with several companies in the valley as well.  Including PES, The Evogi Group, Fleet Daddy, Zinmatics, etc.  He has been in charge of the programming of several industry leading devices that are now changing the way Automotive Insurance companies do business.  These would be the GPS tracking devices that can report to your Insurance company your vehicle stats that can enable you to obtain a discount.

Many companies offer internet marketing services and many are successful.  NJCC Marketing offers the Web Design, Custom Sales Funnels, SEO services, and Consulting.  JC had the following to say when asked why NJCC Marketing is the Best Internet Marketing Agency in the Phoenix, AZ metro area “Not only do I feel we are the best in the valley but we will be the best in the world.  We already have clients from Seattle, WA ,to Saudi Arabia, and even Australia.  We are experiencing tremendous growth because we simply deliver what we promise our clients”

The company is also providing free consultations’ for a limited time.  You can enter in your information to the right of this article to get a free consultation regarding your online marketing needs.


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