Gerard Butler keeping fit with Yoga

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( — March 6, 2013) Los Angeles, CA — Gerard Butler, the 43 old actor who was recently attending the premiere of his brand flick “Olympus has fallen” appeared more fit and dapper. This was at the 5Zvezd, Russia; the star attributed his good slim shape to attending yoga and doing cardio workouts. He also maintained that apart from attending yoga, he kept watch over his diet and exercise plan.

Gerard also points out that he stopped attending weight lifting and began attending yoga which greatly helped in his body system cleanse as well as improvement of body physic. He claims he is doing yoga and cardio work outs in preparations for a future surfing movie; in which he wishes to present his best.

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Most of them have realized the need for inner peace and self contentment. In specific, many people suffering from work pressure and other health problems can rely on yoga to help them through. Yoga is one of the most perfect ways of loosing weight. It helps the body tune in, shape up and chill out. The ability of yoga to lower fat levels and improve blood circulation gives it a great demand in the entire world.

Yoga which originated from India has evolved for over 5000 years; it involves practicing of various physical and spiritual exercises which results in improved health conditions as well as spiritual well being. It is reported that yoga helps people suffering from headaches, anxiety, migraine, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis and pregnancy among other illnesses. This is definitely why Gerard butler found Yoga to be very important and dropped other heavy exercises for this.

Peace and happiness is believed to come from deep within the heart. Having a sound mind is therefore a very effective way of doing this. In Life Power yoga, various mediations are taught and such are necessary to help you maintain sound mind. Such meditations help you focus only on positive thinking, pushing away all the negative thoughts. At such instances, sicknesses or any body illnesses are considered imbalance of the harmony between natural body and the mind. Bringing back this balance helps in bringing true healing to the body.

Despite the health benefits, Power Yoga can also come with severe risks. It is important therefore to always work under a supervisor who is well trained and holds sufficient experience in this field.

According to, a site devoted to educating people and giving more information about yoga and Life Power Yoga, practicing yoga is one of the most suitable ways to keep fit, both physically and spiritually. It is recorded as the best and the most simple means of loosing weight without necessarily going through hectic and heavy exercises.