Retirement Plan – Is Your Retirement Plan Working?

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( — April 8, 2013) Frederictin, N.B., Canada — Is Your Retirement Plan in Jeopardy? Millions have lost their retirement savings. As the global recession continues and millions have lost their jobs, houses and even their homes, their retirement plan is broken.

The average person trusted that if they saved in a 401K or invested in some other retirement plan and worked hard they would enjoy retirement. They listened to financial advisors, who advised them to put their money in mutual funds, IRA’s, 401K’s and many other vehicles to invest for their future.

Most of these financial advisors were qualified and genuinely interested in helping their clients achieve financial security. Everyone including the government believed that saving in a retirement plan was the best way to ensure you could enjoy your retirement. The government gave tax breaks to entice people to save and companies offered matching contributions. 401K’s were set up through company payroll deductions as many companies believed this provided a lower cost alternative to other pension plans.

Then the unthinkable started to happen. The housing market in the US took a huge downturn and thousands lost their homes. The global downturn in the economy threw millions out of work.

The retirement plans and pension plans lost millions of dollars. As many people found there were no jobs available they are becoming desperate and now worry more about surviving than creating a retirement plan. They have become victims of a global economy and don’t know what to do.

Wendell McKay has discovered that people who are doing the best in this economy are the ones who decided to create their own wealth. Their own economy.

Because so many people are desperate McKay has found that many are falling victim to scam artists who promise them millions with “one touch software” and other schemes where they are told they don’t have to do anything and they will make millions.

While investigating many opportunities McKay found there really is a way the average person can create their own wealth. They can ensure they have a great retirement plan. The average man or woman doesn’t know what to do so they need leaders who really care about their success and will teach them what to do.

This opportunity has everything the average man or woman needs. Leaders who really care, cutting edge training that allows people to succeed in whatever business they choose, and a compensation plan that is the best in the industry.

About the author: Wendell McKay is from Canada and he wants to make a difference in the world by helping as many others as he can. You can find out more at and you can email at