TelexFREE Introduces New “Cashback Shopping Club” To Brazilian Members

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( – April 8, 2013, 2013) Marlborough, MA –After a hugely successful entrance into the Brazilian market in January of 2012, TelexFREE unveiled a new addition to its’ existing business model called TelexCommerce, a “cashback shopping club”.

Company President, James Merrill, stated, “This new product addition, TelexCommerce, will expand the scope of our services in Brazil and I’m sure it will create exponential growth for our existing Brazilian  representatives”. These TelexFREE representatives, who the company refers to as “promoters”, are currently offering a VOIP telecommunications software package which allow Brazilians to call more than 40 countries for one low monthly price.

 At first TelexFREE will focus the TelexCommerce shopping club concept exclusively on the market in Brazil before expanding worldwide. The TelexCommerce shopping club is a shopping club with cash rewards instead of points. The participating stores will return a percentage of the members’ purchases in cash to the members called a “cashback”.. 

TelexCommerce is not a physical store and does not sell any products directly. They only partner with the best stores and businesses in Brazil (and eventually the world). Local Brazilian companies will be also be able to advertise on the TelexFREE website which attracts millions of viewers and is currently ranked 47th in the country according to Alexa.

Members who shop at the TelexCommerce participating merchants will find exactly the same products they would find in the establishments with the same prices, exchange policy, etc. The only difference is that by buying through TelexCommerce, a portion of the amount paid for the merchandise or service is paid back to the TelexCommerce member as cash. 

The advantages for the participating TelexCommerce store or participating merchant is obvious because a TelexCommerce participant now can have immediate and ongoing access to the more than 700,000 existing Brazilian (and rapidly growing) TelexFREEl representatives.  All of whom are eager to shop at and promote all of the TelexCommerce participants to their friends and family. 

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The TelexFREE company is a 13 year old American multinational corporation, first registered in the U.S. as “Common Cents Communication.”  It is a company with 11 years experience in the United States in telecommunications and operates in over 40 countries. In addition to the recent launch of TelexCommerce in Brazil on March 26, 2013, TelexFREE is also currently heavily invested in a successful US based pre-launch program that will officially launch later in April 2013. For more information on this fast growing home-based business opportunity visit:


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