Online Alcohol Treatment Program Alternative to Rehabilitation Centers

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Can the Internet be used for Online Alcohol Treatment Programs?

(Newswire.Net  — April 8, 2013) Valencia, CA — With the array of people online world wide, can the internet be trusted for an individual to get the appropriate information necessary to regain a sober lifestyle when it is used for an alcohol treatment program? The answer can only be found within the person whose life is being affected by the abuse of alcohol. Personal traits such as discipline and motivation lay heavily on the success rate of this type of program.
People who become alcoholics drink to deal with emotional trauma that they cannot deal with in everyday situations. They use alcohol as a way to numb themselves to control or suppress a problem. This statement is very general in its use to describe alcoholism. There is in fact another school of thought that the condition is hereditary- meaning if your mother or father was an alcoholic, then the probability of their children becoming heavy drinkers is high.   
In the world of addiction, it is said that a person will only become sober when they are ready to. No type of intervention can entice a person to stop abusing until they are ready themselves as the chances of slipping back to drinking is quite high. Another aspect of a person being ready for a new life of sobriety is the term of hitting “rock bottom”. This happens when the act of drinking is too painful and the only option is to stop.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers

Can alcohol rehabilitation centers be better than online alcohol treatment programs? Again, that depends on what is best for the individual. For instance there is Alcoholics Anonymous which is a free 12 step program. That is good for some, however a person has to set aside a lot of personal time to work that type of program and some people have circumstances which won’t allow that luxury. Another option is a private or public residential type of program where you are at a facility 24 hours a day. That option can be both costly in time and money as the private program can have costs in the tens of thousands of dollars. And then there is one on one counseling which poses the same situation in time and money as the in house residential program.         

Are Online Alcohol Treatment Programs the Answer?

Well for some the answer can be yes. If you are ready to get sober you will get sober with or without a program. However it is always easier when someone has done it before you. This can be where online alcohol treatment programs can work. They are very affordable and have proven guidelines which you can follow. One such online program is called Power To Quit and here are two testimonials:

Lisa N. – New Jersey
“Power To Quit shows you how to stop craving, stop drinking and never have the desire to pick up another drink. And, oh yeah you will like yourself again!”

L. Shaw
“Having the binding abstinence contract between myself and I, as God as my witness, and the good-bye to alcohol letter assignments from Power To Quit, will be extremely empowering to help me honor the impeccability of my word.”

If you are ready to stop drinking and change your lifestyle, Power To Quit might be an option worth investigating. You can start in the privacy of your own home and save your valuable time not to mention thousands of dollars. Power To Quit offers a 7 day free trial and a free 20 minute coaching call by a trained life coach.

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