Affiliate Marketing Company Produces 4th Million Dollar Earner

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( — April 9th, 2013) Tampa, FL — Empower Network, a hybrid direct sales company launched on October 31, 2011, recently announced their 4th “Million Dollar Earner”. This milestone follows their very fresh achievement of hitting 100,000 Affiliate members.

Using a viral blogging system for lead generation, Empower Network is fast becoming once of the most popular Direct Sales companies in the world with an estimated 12,000 new Affiliate members joining every month.

When asked why Empower Network is achieving success so rapidly co-founder David Wood said “There never was, and never will be a battle between ‘old school’ and ‘new school.’ When they are done correctly, they are one and the same, they are just delivered through different mediums.

What we have done in the Empower Network is to combine the best parts of both into a movement that is shaking the industry.

Technology and means of social interaction will always evolve, but the need for YOU to have human connection will always prevail. Isn’t it nice to know that someone has finally figured that out?”

The Empower Network was founded by David Wood and Dave Sharpe who both were homless at one time in their lives.

The “Two Dave’s”, as they are known to their peers, had found noteble success in the Network and Affiliate Marketing industry prior to the creation of Empower Network.

Their concept for Empower Network came as they were brainstorming a way to help the average affiliate or network marketer have the same chance to make the big money that is usually only reserved for the Guru’s in the direct sales industry.

David and Dave say that they recognized it was difficult for the majority of people in the home business arena to reproduce the type of sales that they were able to achieve either because they did not have the skill-set or the sales ability that most leaders were able to bring to the table.

Building traditional home-based businesses had wore on them as a result of having to keep grinding every day to constantly bring in new reps to replace the ones that could not reproduce what they were doing. With such a high attrition rate and the majority of the people not making money they realized that the traditonal network marketing system was drastically flawed to the point of being broken.

According to its website Empower Network offers a Viral “Community” Blogging System and Educational Products that focus on teaching Affiliates how to market their business online by various means including Social Media.

Affiliate members can also market the Empower Network educational products and earn up to 100% commissions with the full educational package.

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