SEO in Florida: Possible to Guarantee?

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( — April 10, 2013) Palm Beach, FL — For local businesses and national brands looking to grow their client base, SEO in Florida (or Search Engine Optimization, to demystify the term) is considered by many to be an excellent way to generate new business. 

However, SEO in Florida markets can be a lengthy process. “We recommend 6-9 months for a client’s main site to reach page one of Google,” said Digital Reality CEO Eric Catania. For many businesses, that’s not fast enough. He continued, “We have developed methods to have a client on page one, for less cost than pay-per-click, in their first month with us.” These efforts give the marketing campaign a jumpstart and show immediate results while working toward the longer-term strategy.

When optimizing a business website, the goal is to establish which search terms are being used by that business’s potential customers. For example, prospective patients searching for a Palm Beach dentist might type in “tooth whitening in Palm Beach” or “veneers in Boca Raton”. By conducting proper Florida internet marketing research, businesses can establish the popularity of these search terms and focus their efforts accordingly. The end goal is for a business to appear on page one of Google within 30 days for those terms, and receive inbound calls and visits from prospective customers.

The importance of having a business listed on page one is clear.  A recent study by Optify shows that 85% of Google searchers click on the page one results in Google, and ignore the competitors below.  

Jim Yu recently wrote in Search Engine Watch, “SEO is no longer purely a technical issue. There is a very significant marketing aspect to [it]. SEO is becoming more content centric. Brands that learn how to evolve their approach to [search engine optimization] and content put themselves in a winning position.” To this end, Florida SEO companies manage a staff of copywriters and editors to produce high-quality press releases, blog entries and articles. These writings are quality and engaging of their own accord, but serve the dual purpose of being “search engine friendly” for improved Florida SEO rankings.

Catania was optimistic on the future of SEO, “Taking small steps today can benefit your business and community. Hire an internet marketing company to build a website and guide your lead generation efforts.”


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