Best Replacement Windows in Houston Saves Residence On Energy Bills

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( — April 9, 2013) Houston, TX One of the great parts of spring is the fact you can have your windows open in your home pretty much on a daily basis. The mild temperatures and soft breezes now push fresh air through your home which has been in lock down through the winter months.

Summer Is Coming:

Soon though, most Houston residents will have their windows on lock down again as the temperature rises and they are forced to kick on the air conditioner just to stay comfortable and sleep well at night. It is always a constant battle between keeping your home cool enough and not having that electricity bill reach 4 digits on a monthly basis for Houston residence.

What Can Be Done:

One thing which can be done to help reduce your energy costs is to replace your old inefficient windows with new energy-efficient windows in Houston. Advancements in window construction and glass manufacturing have really leveraged today’s technologies and can make a big difference in your summer cooling cost.

Window Ratings:

Another annoying and costly drawback of outdated windows in Houston is they let the sun’s UV rays right into the house fading expensive curtains, furniture and carpets. “Glass coatings like Low-E reflect the sun’s UV rays protecting your belongings inside” says Ryan Hicks of

Additional features of energy-efficient windows for Houston residence sis glass filled with inert gases like argon and krypton. Ryan added “If you replacement windows are double pane then  go with argon gas, but if you go with an upgrade to triple pained glass, krypton gas is the way to go.”

Important Ratings:

The most import rating in windows for Houston is Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). “Yes, this is a major factor in replacement windows for Houston residents, this reading measures the amount of solar energy that is transmitted from the outside and how well your it blocks heat caused by sunlight.”

Energy Star is a rating system designed by the government to help consumers understand if a product is considered energy-efficient. In order for replacement windows in Houston to get the Energy Star seal of approval. They must have a U-factor of less than 0.35 and a (SHGC) of less than 0.30.

Most window companies in Houston offer replacement windows that fit this criteria. To get the best return on your investment it is recommended to use vinyl windows in Houston. Vinyl replacement windows are the most cost-effective and can achieve great energy-efficient ratings allowing you to recoup a substantial amount of your investment in your replacement windows.


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