Banners Broker Ponzi Scheme Investigation Launched

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( — April 9th, 2013) Oak Harbor, WA –Banners Broker is racing to reassure its customers that it remains a viable company despite numerous setbacks and allegations of outright fraud and deception. This is proving to be a hard case to prove as members scream “show me the money” with no results. The writing seems to be on the wall as payment processors such as Mastercard refuse to do further business with the company and issues with government forces the company to abandon Canada.  Millions of dollars have been invested and people are wondering what, if anything, they will have to show for it when the dust clears. has all the hallmarks of a typical High Yeild Investment Program (HYIP). It invites people to invest in the company by renting color coded “advertising panels” of varying amounts with the promise that the company will use the money to obtain online marketing space for banner ads and then turn around and find an advertiser to pay a higher price to sub-rent that marketing space, with the profits passed on to the investor. Returns of 100% per month are all but gauranteed by the company and slogans such as “turn $10,000 into a MILLION in a year” are often touted by members who are heavily incentivised to recruit more members and bring fresh cash into the system.

Dan Smith, an online marketing expert and owner of joined the company to review it before making a decision to share it wth his loyal group of team members from other companies. He makes his living online as a coach and mentor to other internet marketers. “Reputation and integrity is everything in the online world” He said. “One mistake can end a career because no one wants to follow the guy that leads people to financial ruin. I am always on the lookout for new opportunities for those on my team, but they have to be solid respectable companies and the math has to add up.” When asked for his analysis of Banners Broker, he simply stated “It doesn’t pass the ‘sniff test’.”

Asked to elaborate, Dan replied “Money goes in, and the entire system is built to entice people to keep it in with promises of compound returns in VERY short periods. Greed kicks in and people talk about pulling it out once it hits so many hundreds of thousands. This allows the typical Ponzi scheme to continue. A smart Ponzi controller goes a step further and builds in a system like Banners Broker has done where they not only keep the money in the system, but they lure in even more cash with purchase requirements to keep it growing. You see, in Banners Broker your panels hit a “cap” and then multiply into two panels. If you want to reactivate them so they continue earning you must either purchase the next larger panel or entice someone else to do so via the recruiting model. I have yet to see any source at all of other significant cash coming into the company. That scares me and there is no way that I will be exposing my people and their money to something like this.”

When attempts are made to make withdrawls of actual cash from the system it can take from four to six weeks with many excuses along the way. Banners Broker has recently even started making “payment arrangements” to make small token payments on a periodic basis to those requesting cash. This leaves experts like Dan smith asking “If there is all this money going in, and there is all this profit being made at the rate of 100% returns per month, why can’t they immediately honor a small request for a few thousand dollars? Why do they need to set up a payment plan to get the cash to the investor? How long will it be before the outgo exceeds the income altogether? I have advised everyone I know that is in to get their money out now, right now, if they are able”.

It is not only members and industry insiders that are asking these questions. Reports have been made to the SEC and several Attorney Generals from various states. Investigations have been started and one large question remains: If Banners Broker is really making 100% returns from something other than new investment, where is it coming from? No large advertising customers or marketing space vendors seem to be involved at all, leaving doubt as to rather is anything other than a hollow shell with a one way deposit slot for people with cash and big dreams.

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