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 ( — April 10, 2013) American Samoa — So, Samoa Air now weighs passengers before they get aboard, and they charge them literally… per pound.

Is this right? Heck, I don’t know. I’m definitely NOT signed up to the flabby police squad.  Frankly, it doesn’t concern me too much, but it
does get me thinking about what I know and see
VERY often online.

And so what I do know is this…

Most marketers are FULL of excessive baggage (aka weight)! They have picked up product after product, they’ve read and very implemented little.

Their fat information and knowledge wise, but as thin as a bone when it comes to actually implementing…

And so… the price of their success is high.

First and foremost then, you’ve got to shed your “mind” of all the stress and frustration that is going on right now.

Lose all that “”weight”” in your mind that is holding you back, that is keeping you from progressing forward.

And believe me… it IS holding you back!



One of our great gurus of gurus is Tony Robbins. His big secret to success?

Find successful people and model what they are doing.

That’s why Matt Lloyd went all Sherlock Holmes and discovered the top copywriters, marketers, and entrepreneurs, and put them all in one place for you.

And he DEMANDED that they give you a process to model, and to guarantee your success.

The next step is yours. Are you ready?

Click the link below to begin:

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April 09 2013

Elias Garcia Medina