San Diego Alarm Company Celebrates More Than Two Decades of Innovation

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( April 9, 2013) SAN DIEGO, CA Over 20 years ago, American Security Group ventured into the business of security services. Since then, the company has been a leader in designing cutting-edge alarm and security systems with the best technology available. The changes American Security Group has implemented in that time are countless and have contributed to it becoming one of the most sought after security companies in the city and throughout Southern California. They are at the forefront of alarm systems and monitoring innovations.

According to Mike Sepiol, President of American Security Group, the company’s award-winning designs, from state-of-the-art IP video surveillance systems to advanced control systems for multi-level facilities and beyond have been the result of ingenuity and listening to its clients.

“Regardless of who our customer is, we are personally invested in protecting their assets and providing quality service,” Sepiol said. “It’s a basic, simple philosophy, but it has served us well since we started. Our work ethic has allowed us to maintain a long-standing reputation for dependability, reliability and profound knowledge.”

Though it has built its reputation as a San Diego alarm systems company, American Security group has expanded beyond the city’s borders to Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, Temecula and elsewhere. Additionally, American Security Group has expanded its reach beyond alarm systems and alarm monitoring. Sepiol marvels at the evolution of the products and services that his company has implemented.

“The definition of security has expanded to include peace of mind,” Sepiol said. “CCTV surveillance systems, fire and intrusion detection, retail loss prevention—those are just a few. We progressed a long time ago from traditional alarm systems to providing the most advanced solutions that deliver safety and security to our clients, including area communities. As always, our clients receive the highest level of protection from external threats that we can provide.”  

American Security Group provides specialized protection, Sepiol says, by conducting free, on-site reviews of its clients’ current systems, determines needs and then demonstrates the solutions its expert technicians recommend.

“That is our level of commitment,” Sepiol said. “And once our client’s system is installed, we run thorough tests to certify that everything is ready to go.”

For Sepiol, the procedure is what American Security Group prides itself on as its standard and expectation. More than 20 years of success has been the testament that it works.

“We are grateful to our clients and friends who have been with us since the beginning and have trusted us to keep their homes and businesses safe,” Sepiol said. “Certainly, it is our goal to continue to do so.”

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