Groove-Phonic Mastering Announces CD Mastering Now Available Online

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( — April 10th, 2013) Miami, FL — Hugh Hitchcock And His Music Production Company Groove-Phonic Mastering Has Announced “CD Mastering” Now Available Online

A recent online survey among musicians, artists and producers resulted in a fairly strong indicator that CD Mastering is one of the more sought-after skills in the online music world. So when Groove-Phonic Mastering announced their intention to offer CD Mastering online, the response was overwhelmingly positive amongst the same crowd.

When interviewed regarding the announcement, Groove-Phonic executive producer Hugh Hitchcock said, “we recognize that cd mastering is an important part of the record release process. We also recognize the need for a reasonably priced, online solution for quality cd mastering, and we believe we have come up with the answer in the form of our CD mastering packages which are tailored to suit the independent record producer in both excellence of product and affordable pricing.”

Mr. Hitchcock went on to say, “we will also continue to provide high quality electronic delivery of wav and mp3 masters for those artists and producers who don’t require cd mastering.” Hitchcock’s company Groove-Phonic in recent years has garnered some attention for it’s reliable music services, competitive rates and quick turnaround times for music production projects.

The global music community has shown its support for Groove-Phonic as is evidenced by the multitude of glowing commentary to be found on the customer reviews page of the Groove-Phonic Mastering and Mixing website which is located at

In fact, Groove-Phonic has several success stories under it’s belt. Recently, two artist clients, each signed lucrative record deals just last month based on masters created and delivered by Groove-Phonic Mastering.

Hitchcock, when queried on the success of his clients, simply replied, “it’s all in a day’s work at the studio.”

Hitchcock has been heard to say “I’m dedicated to bringing the absolute best sound out of any track that’s brought into my studio. I don’t let anything go out of here without it being the highest quality imaginable.”

When asked about the future of Groove-Phonic, Hugh says “I’m stoked about the artist lineup we have coming up in 2013. When I heard that artists and producers were thrilled about our new CD Mastering services – to me, that’s just an obligation to create the best cd masters in the world. I send my sincere thanks to all the artists and producers that helped make Groove-Phonic a success!”

Hugh Hitchcock can be reached through his mastering and mixing company:

Groove-Phonic Mastering and Mixing
phone: (305) 490-5338

Author:  Hugh Hitchcock

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