Mario Brown Announces Live Entrepreneur Transformation Event Online Marketing Mastery Live

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( — April 10, 2013) San Diego, CA — There is one event that most of the Internet marketing community is raving about according to local marketers.  Online Marketing Mastery Live is said to be the upcoming live event that will change a struggling marketer into a marketing hero.   It’s also said that the strategies taught by the main speaker (Mario Brown) will be the current strategies that he uses in his business to dominate local marketing and the keynote speakers: Frank Kern, Mike Filsame, James Malinchak and Chris Farrell.

This event will be featuring some very powerful keynote speakers Mario Brown is said to be the main speaker along with his marketing colleagues; Frank Kern, Mike Filsame, James Malinchak and Chris Farrell. 

This live event is going to be about various marketing strategies to help local businesses reach their goals. One of the main strategies that’s said to be taught is how to create, promote & convert high end Webinars.   Mario says, “ We will teach our attendees how to setup a Strategic sales funnels!” He also says he will teach marketers his exact strategy to sell $2,500 per month consulting programs to create a multiple six figure business.  

This is a Business transformation live event that is taking place in San Diego, California . This event will consist of keynote speakers that will teach a business owner everything live and answer questions before the end of the weekend.  Keynote speakers are said to put treat this even t like a small mastermind. 

Mario says “this event is to teach local marketers how to go from Zero to Hero with local and Mobile marketing.   Online Marketing Mastery Live will teach our attendees the insider strategies that I am currently using in my business.”   Mario says invited Frank Kern to teach his members how to bond with an email-marketing list and build a multi million dollar business by building lasting relationships with a list. 

This is allegedly one of the best events of 2013. The main speaker Mario Brown has key strategies that he would like his attendees to learn and apply to their businesses once they leave the event.

This event is supposed to take place starting May 2, 2013 to May 5th 2013 for the marketers that would like to attend in San Diego.

How?  Mario Browns event is said to create networking opportunities to grow a business   You can find more information about this live event and how you can attend Online Marketing mastery Live by clicking here.