End of March Begins at Restaurant with Koreatown Art Walk

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(Newswire.net — April 10, 2013) Los Angeles, CA — With the excitement still rising, as it entered its 5th consecutive month, it was definitely feeling like “March Madness” more than ever before. These 2 words alone were the perfect pair to describe the ongoing Business Improvement efforts made within the Wilshire Center District. Spearheading another successful 8 hours of giving back to the surrounding community, the owner of Novel Cafe made ongoing strides in healing Koreatown from the inside out. “Why not reward the artists of Koreatown and Los Angeles with the opportunity to shine the brightest at one of the easiest to find hidden gems in Los Angeles? Can you think of a better spot to aspire together and inspire each other?” John Chung, owner of multiple restaurants from Santa Monica to Downtown Los Angeles, teamed up with fellow business owners of Ann Bridges Art Studio, Agit Gallery, and Beer Belly to show off their repertoire of good food, good times, and good memories with good people.

Officially, they started their encore on Thursday at 6pm with live mural paintings being created inside of Koreatown’s Novel Cafe. The fairly large audience made their way around the Koreatown neighborhood in a triangular shape together, as many came prepared by picking up maps and information packets from 1 of either 2 art box murals. This should’ve kept any potential foreigners at bay from getting lost too many times, but this wasn’t at all a problem with an actual head count almost doubling the combined total of attendees in February and January.

This monthly event has been occurring on every last Thursday of the month, ever since its premiere back in November of 2012. It has more than catered toward the artsy fartsy type of folks scattered all over Los Angeles and its surrounding multitude of cities. The hot people traveling down from the San Fernando Valley will make it out again later this month, followed right behind or just ahead by Hollywood’s infestation of every conceivable art interpretation imaginable, if it’s not already existing, and the rest of the best – visually talented people – connected to L.A.’s ever slowly expanding Metro Rail System on The Purple Line. That’s where they’ll begin their march again, so run right now over to those calendars and be sure to circle the 25th with an artwalk. “If you make it, they will come. If you make it, they will come.”

Novel Cafe – Koreatown

3760 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90010

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