Is Your Online Reputation Driving Business To Your Competitors?

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( — April 12, 2013) Newcastle, AU — Reputation Awareness Survey: In a recent survey a local business chamber group of 35 business owners from varying industries were all asked what kind of online reputation they had built online. The results indicated that 95% of business owners were not aware of what kind of online reputation they had achieved, nor what kind of impact their reputation would have on their future business online. 

The popular question raised by the majority of business owners upon the conclusion of the local business survey was; “Well how many customers am I driving to my competition?”

Recent studies have indicated that 80 percent of consumers have avoided a product or service based on poor reviews and 90 percent have bought a product solely on good reviews. Consumers will still go online to confirm details and compare their options when making a purchase online, regardless of which advertisement first grabbed their attention. 

Reputation Awareness: In a recent interview, Brian Savic, CEO of IrevealTV, responded to the question “Why don’t business owners realise they are so vulnerable online these days?” with the following statement: “We understand that It’s hard enough for business owners to run their business profitably and stay focused on providing a successful product or service, rather than worrying about what they should post on Facebook or Tweet next.

Every business has its own challenges and knowing how to take control of your online reputation requires the right information and the best guidance.”

Bad reviews are becoming an increasing and very costly problem faced by business owners today. Regardless of whether the bad reviews have been posted by a disgruntled customer or competitor, the negative impact on the profitability for that business and its future success is immediate.

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Established in 2012 by Brian Savic, IrevealTV has quickly become the go – to online reputation management and marketing firm for local business owners wanting more business online.

IrevealTV’s mission is to help local business owners leverage their reputation and use social media effectively to get more business online. The recently launched free Reputation Awareness Project”” will provide invaluable information for local business owners on how to improve their online reputation for long term growth.

IrevealTV specialises in reputation management and marketing via Video marketing, Social media, Mobile marketing and Email marketing

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Author Michael Dodd