New Addition to Bestselling Series of Books for 9 Year Old Boys Now Available

Photo of author

( — April 11, 2013) Chicago, IL — J.B. O’Neil has been writing books for 9 year old boys, like his son Joe, for only a few months. In that time he has written six books, and almost all of them are part of his gross-out humor series, the “Fart Books.” Today the Fart Books are five strong (with one spin-off) because J.B. O’Neil has released the latest book in the Amazon best-selling series, “Dog Farts,” through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

“Dog Farts” stars Milo Snotrocket, O’Neil’s flatulent mascot character, trying to cure his dog Pooter’s excessive gas, with hilarious results. For the first time in the series, Milo’s entire immediate family play important roles in the plot. In addition to the excessive and comical farts that are the series’ trademark, “Dog Farts” also draws upon positive themes such as affection and respect for animals, cooperation between siblings, and persistence in goal-achieving.

O’Neil is releasing “Dog Farts” with a free 29 minute audiobook edition for purchasers. Audiobook editions of most of his backlist have also been made available, and have become a signature marketing strategy for the children’s book author.

More information about “Dog Farts” and J.B. O’Neil can be found here.

J.B. O’Neil is the author of the popular and best-selling “Fart Books,” and the spin-off “The Booger Book,” as well as the “Family Avengers” series. His books, conceptualized by his young son, are written with the ideal of encouraging young boys to read and learn to enjoy the magic of the written word.