Stop Baby Crying With Baby Sleep, An Elusive Fantasy For Many New Parents Becomes Reality

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( — April 12, 2013) Santa Fe, NM — Like an alarm clock going off far too soon or far too frequently, the cries of an infant in the middle of the night is most likely a familiar occurrence for many new parents.  One of the most emotionally draining sounds to the human ear (a baby’s cry is actually used in Navy Seal training to toughen up recruits), parents are willing to try almost anything to soothe their baby back to sleep.  When the tactics work, great, but when baby continues to cry, parents are left feeling stressed, exhausted, and in some cases even depressed.

“One of the most important skills new parents need to help baby sleep,” says Little Pearl, author of the book Babies Love Boobies, “is improved confidence.  So many parents feel helpless when their baby is crying.  Instead of feeling like failures, parents need to feel confident that they know what to do and that everything will be okay.”

So just how do new parents build this confidence?  Pearl suggests that new parents should get plugged into a community that can offer support, understanding, and, best of all, comic relief. 

“Parents aren’t alone in this journey,” she says. “We are fortunate to be parents in a time where we have easy access to stories, information, and advice.  Everything we need to know is literally right at our fingertips.”

There is no single strategy that works for every parent or every baby, Pearl explains.  A lot of good parenting simply comes from a lot of practice and a relaxed approach. 

“Your baby’s cries are far more distressing for you than they are for your baby.  If you come to your baby’s side calm, your baby will feel that energy and start to relax.  A full night of baby sleep will come when you stop worrying about it.  Enjoy each moment you have with your baby, whether it’s two in the afternoon or three in the morning; this precious time flies by far too quickly.”

To help approach a baby’s cries in the relaxed manner that Pearl recommends, parents should arm themselves with several soothing tactics, many of which can be found in popular parenting books and guides, including Pearl’s guide which is available on Amazon.

“The best advice I ever got,” Pearl jokes, “is to remember that everything in your baby’s life is all ‘just a phase’.  I would call my mom panicked after my son was born asking for help and she would just say, don’t worry about it.  You’ll sleep eventually – this is just a phase.”

Fingers crossed, this is a short phase.

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