Government Auto Auction Surges In Popularity

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( — April, 12, 2013) Scottsdale, Arizona — This is a great opportunity for buyers, who have not had the opportunity to purchase at auction before from a reputable vendor as a government entity is. Most vehicles are ready for inspection before auction and you may even be able to talk to the yard maintenance supervisor or employee about the condition of each vehicle you may have an interest in. Most auctions are done in the same premises where the vehicles are maintained and stored; they also may have service maintenance records available at or before the time of auction as the City of Miami states in their auction advertising posting.

Back in the 1980’s, you could turn on your local news and watch almost on a daily basis, local authorities seizing property from drug dealers, tax evaders and other not law abiding citizens… Did you ever wonder what happened to all those boats, houses, jewelry and cars seized by the government? They ended up at your city’s local impound yard for cars, boats, trucks and other vehicles impounded by the law enforcement agents.

The Treasury Department recently auctioned seized cars and an 87 foot Warren Yacht belonging to Ponzi scheme Scott Rothstein in Palm Beach FL, the large vessel sold at auction for $2.8 million almost at a 40 per cent discount. Many other buyers came out with great deals too, someone walked away with a 08 Ferrari spyder for $199k not bad a deal if you can afford it.

For us just, looking locally for a good deal you can get at your local sheriff’s seized car auction a decent vehicle for maybe less than half the retail value. You will have to call your area government offices and ask for auction dates for seized and used government vehicles that may be available, a little telephone work will reap great rewards.

A few places to look are local law enforcement offices, city and county departments ask for the transportation office or motor pool for information. Local fire departments have also light trucks and cars they use to do inspections and investigations; they will be very low mileage compared to regular duty city vehicles or police vehicles and a better choice.

Resources are always available online, look for government auto auction sites; many lists Gov. used and seized vehicles through the United States and narrow down your selection to your local level. Buying from an auction from a different state becomes more difficult as an inspection, and other conditions that may be only visible when present do not show well, or cannot be seen in photographs.

At a government auction be prepared to go head to head with other parties interested but do not go overboard and remember that probably in the next few weeks there will be another auction you can attend and try again of not successful the first time.


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