Golf in Scotland on the Rise

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( – March, 12, 2013) Los Angeles, CA — Golf in Scotland is on the rise, according to, a site devoted to bringing the latest information on golfing and golf in Scotland. The ever popular sport of golf has been steadily on the rise, with the combination of sport enthusiasts and people just starting out, the devotion of the sport has never been questioned. But for some, location is everything, and it is widely understood that the beautiful terrain and greenery that Scotland provides is great for lavish golf courses and golf clubs. Locals and people from all over the world flock to Scotland to enjoy and discover just what is on offer for the great game of golf. The steady incline of those visiting Scotland to play golf enables Scotland to be classed as one of the great places to visit to enjoy a golfing vacation or even a small weekend break away.

Scotland, being the home of the modern game of golf shows that the game is steeped in history in the beautiful country, and since the game was founded and establish in Scotland, the country has something that no other nation in the world can claim, the golfing foundations were founded by the Scots. To further add to this fact, Scotland is otherwise known as the Home of Golf – which cements the appeal to travel and enjoy a game of golf in Scotland.

The prestige that Scotland brings to the game of golf is unparalleled in the sense that one of the most spectacular clubs is found in Fife. Thought of as one of the oldest clubs in the world, the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews allows for members to enjoy and bask in the privilege of golfing in the visually stimulating club.

With a host of beautiful golf clubs on offer, such as Muirfield, Royal Dornoch, Turnberry and Carnoustie and many more, there is surely something for everyone, regardless of which part of Scotland you reside or are staying in. Since golf courses are present throughout the country, this allows for those who wish to participate in the sport to be close to a course, regardless of location and expertise.

Golf breaks in Scotland are on the rise, whilst locals tend to participate in the sport, tourist and travelers are able to excel whilst having a joyous and relaxing break with golf as the main attraction. Being able to enjoy luxury accommodation, a golf break in Scotland attracts all people with varying abilities. Not to worry about having a tight budget, a golf break in this scenic country does not have to break the bank, and people with varying budgets are able to enjoy a trip of a lifetime and build lifelong memories to match!

Taking a stroll around some of the golf courses and golf clubs that inhabit Scotland, it is not hard to see why there is such a strong hold and appeal and why hundreds of thousands of people decide to visit to play a game of golf in the country that holds to the right to call it the Home of Golf. Great accommodation and a brilliant culture to match, visiting Scotland to play golf has never been so rewarding.