Amazon Buys GoodReads, Adds 16M Book Fans To Digital Book Revolution

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( — April 12, 2013) Santa Fe, NM — The digital book is here to stay. This month Amazon announced to buy GoodReads, a popular website that connects readers and authors, sixteen million to be exact. Amazon has already changed the way the world reads by unleashing the Kindle, the world’s most popular eReader. And now with GoodReads as a partner, there is no doubt that Amazon will continue to expand its market, creating a commanding lead for itself in the book industry.

Little Pearl Publishing is one of the many companies riding off the success of Amazon by focusing on the creation and distribution of digital eBooks. Julie Schoen, President of the company, says that when she started to look for a business partner for her small, family-owned publishing house it was clear that Amazon was the only way to go. “Amazon is a leader,” she explains. “They do an incredible job creating opportunities for small companies and self-published authors like myself. I never dreamt I would be having the kind of success I’m having today. Amazon is my hero.”

Schoen, a former public school teacher, started her digital publishing company in February 2012; a few months after she found out she was expecting her first son.  “I have always known that I would stay at home with my kids, I just didn’t know how my husband and I would manage it financially.” 

Today, just a little over a year after Little Pearl Publishing began working with Amazon, the small 10-person company has published over 45 books and has been consistently generating 8k profit each month for 2013.

Part of Schoen’s success comes from Amazon’s powerful marketing programs, including Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).  KDP allows small companies and little-known authors to promote their books for free for several days, giving them exposure in front of millions of book-loving fans. 

Another perk of digital publishing is that eBooks, which are delivered instantly when purchased, are priced much lower than traditional paperback books. Lower prices lead to impulse buys and customers willing to give an author or publisher they have never heard of before a shot, which means sales (and lots of them) for companies like Little Pearl Publishing. 

The acquisition of GoodReads will give Amazon customers and companies like Schoen’s another powerful platform for promoting books as well as receiving feedback in the form of reviews from customers.  “The future looks very exciting,” says Schoen. And for anyone in the digital book game, it most certainly does.

Little Pearl Publishing consistently ranks their books in the top 50 Kindle books. 

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