Pheromone Sprays! Can You Bottle Sex Appeal?

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( — April 12th, 2013) Hamburg, GE — Pheromone perfumes are available for men and women in a variety of sizes and with different base scents to match your mood or taste – or even unscented if you wish to use them with a perfume or EDT of your choice.

Pheromones are naturally occurring chemicals produced in the bodies ofmost animals, including in humans, which drive certain social behaviours. In human behaviour pheromones can play a large role in psychosexual relations, which in lay man’s terms means that they can make you seem more attractive or powerful to either the opposite sex or even a potential customer or business client. Used alongside your natural charm, pheromone perfumes are aphrosidiacs that can be devestatingly effective in matters of seduction or even for business or social networking. are specialists for pheromone perfumes with an extensive range of high quality aphrodisiac perfumes, with scents to suit all budgets. Researched designed and crafted by our experts in labs across the world, provide products in spray, gel or roll on fragrances.

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We can guarantee that any pheromone product you use from us will deliver noticeable results or your money back! However it is wise to remember that there is no miracle magnetic attraction formula for the opposite sex and that there is no substitute for making some effort, but if you make some effort and add a pheromone to the mix you WILL see a noticeable improvement. If you need more proof visit our forums or read our reviews!