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( — April 12, 2013) Ecuador, SA — In less than 90 days has achieved a top 3,000 Alexa Global Ranking Status.  Alexa International Inc., a subsidiary of Amazon, is a well-known web information company which provides traffic data, global rankings and other great metrics over 30 million websites on the Internet. 

Any webmaster knows how hard it is to move a website down in the Alexa Rankings (down is better), and to even be in the top 100,000 sites in the world is considered to be an accomplishment. So considering the fact that the site only came online this past January 18th, the Global Ranking of # 2,753 on this site is, indeed, quite amazing. is brand new player in the huge multi-billion dollar online advertising business. Google, for example, makes about 10 billion dollars every 3 months in the online advertising business.

Luis Cordero, the Ecuadorian born Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of AddWallet, founded  AddWallet along with three other businessmen,  Lee Stevens, Chief Operating Officer (COO),  Dr. Logan Chamberlain, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and Brandon Bradshaw, VP of Sales and Marketing.   Mr. Cordero stated that he wants to make the AddWallet ” the best “home-based moneymaking opportunity in the world.” 

These businessmen have over 20 years of experience in owning and running multi-million dollar online Internet businesses.   They credit the reason for their phenomenal growth was the fact that they created a unique “profit share” component to the AddWallet compensation plan that allows all of their members the opportunity to share in daily revenue of the company.

The AddWallet system, which is currently in beta test until the official launch which is to be announced shortly, offers members an online network where they can advertise any of their current businesses.  Everyone online wants and needs traffic to their websites, their blogs and their work from home business opportunities.   AddWallet provides a very simple solution for getting traffic and at the same time providing members with another very unique work from home income opportunity.

In order to participate in the daily profit sharing program no sponsorship or selling is required.  All that is required of the members is to log into the back office of the website and view at least seven ads (or sites) in the network for at least 20 seconds every day.  That’s all there is to it.

Members of AddWallet can join for FREE and they are provided with their own AddWallet website.  Once a member, then they can upgrade by buying advertising units (AU’s) and choose one of three monthly online advertising  subscriptions beginning as low as $10 per month.  

AddWallet is based offshore with offices  in Ecuador.  Ecuador has a stable and excellent business environment and banking centerAddWallet is owned by Cartera International, an Ecuadorian-based legal corporation. For more information on the company and their unique profit sharing business model please visit